The Sound Recording Tips You Should Know


As the music world continues to grow, many people are doing a sound recording to venture and succeed in business. It’s important also to acknowledge that videographers have also taken sound recording with the seriousness it deserves. You won’t achieve good sound if you don’t do some work. People who are after quality sound pay much attention to certain sound recording tips. To begin with, you need to ensure the microphone you use is of high quality. It is important to consider using an external microphone when shooting videos. If you are looking for an unobtrusive microphone to use during sound recording, you need to use lapel mic or lavalier. They make the voice clearer and more audible.

Another recording studio singapore tip is sound monitoring. If you have a camera, you can plug headphones into it so that you can hear the quality of sound produced. It helps you to know if the distraction from the background noises is too annoying or if the person speaking is doing it loudly. The quality of the results you get would highly depend on the quality of the headphones you use. You should also look for ways to limit your background noises. If the distracting background noises aren’t limited, the editing process would be more complicated. Shut the open windows, and turn off the refrigerators and fans.

You would also need to turn off the music so that the sound clarity can be evident. You may not know how quality your sound is during recording if there is background music playing. You won’t edit your sound while the music is still on. You need to hear the music jumps so that you can cut and rearrange clips. If you include the music to the video before it’s edited, you may not like the quality of that video. Know about Backbeat Studios here!

The background sound should also be recorded. One thing to know is that you shouldn’t undermine the effect of the other recorded event-related sounds. You should record the popcorn popper, help viewers, and merry-go-round sounds without thinking about how the video footage would be. It’s also important to watch out for the wind. You would find it difficult to record outdoors if the day is windy. If you record your sound on a windy day, you may hear some other popping and slapping sounds on the microphone. You can easily deal with this effect if you get a good wind protector for the microphone you intend to use. To gain more knowledge on the importance of sound recording, visit


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